Chip Aik is the exclusive Singapore distributor for GIESSE hardware products

Chip Aik Giesse Singapore

Commencing from July 2023, Chip Aik is proud to be awarded the sole authorized distributor of GIESSE hardware products in Singapore.

Chip Aik GIESSE Singapore

GIESSE carries a comprehensive range of hardware and accessories for proper sealing and functioning of aluminium windows and doors:

  • Casement (Side Hung / Top Hung) Windows
  • Swing Door 
  • Sliding System 
  • Curtain Wall System 
  • Lift-and-Slide System 
  • Tilt-and-Turn System 

GIESSE Singapore

GIESSE products are Made in Italy, with test reports based on European standards.

GIESSE was founded in 1965 in Bologna, Italy as a manufacturer of hardware products, for the aluminium windows and doors industry. Since the founding, GIESSE has grown to become a renowned and major international supplier of aluminium fenestration hardware. GIESSE is also an international division of Tyman PLC, a global group with several manufacturing plants and sales network over the world.

For more than 50 years, GIESSE has always seek to innovate, explore new frontiers, and revolutionize the design and production of aluminium fenestration hardware. GIESSE’s in-house laboratory facilities carry out several tests on their products to ensure a high level of performance. These tests include cyclical performance, mechanical performance, functional performance, and salt spray corrosion resistance.

We can support you by providing technical expertise to recommend suitable GIESSE hardware for your next project, and provide robust sales and after-sales support.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries on GIESSE hardware products!

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