Chip Aik 4D Customisation Process

Tailoring to your needs

Aluminium is a versatile metal that can be easily extruded into complex shapes to cater for different applications in industries such as manufacturing, precisions engineering, interior design, architectural facades, etc.

Chip Aik 4Ds Method is a uniquely designed method for innovation by the purpose of Chip Aik:

To create infinite possibilities with aluminium for a better living environment.

The ChipAik Ideation Method

We innovate and create value for our customers and partners through our unique ideation co-creation methodology formulated from our 47 years of market know-how.

The ideation method considers these 4 dimensions:

What is the purpose and final usage of this product?

Are there any mating parts to consider, or other components which has to be attached to the aluminium profile?

Brainstorming on various possible options. Design considerations such as mating/ clipping parts, usage, wall thickness and tolerances have to be taken into account for your aluminium extrusion.

Assess the various options and shortlist the most practical solution within the project budget.

Once client has approved the chosen solution, we will proceed with a die cut sample and manage mass production of the extrusion, together with any secondary finishing and/or fabrication process to the delivery of goods.

This method influences all aspects of our operations and enables us to continuously shape new possibilities with aluminium. It is also a guiding principle in our work with partners in the industry to succeed better together.

Speak to us about customising your die profiles or send us your Autocad drawings for our further assessment.