Custom Aluminium Extrusions

Chip Aik 4D Customisation Process

Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

Aluminium is a versatile metal that can be easily extruded into complex shapes to cater for different applications in industries such as manufacturing, precisions engineering, interior design, architectural facades, and more.

Chip Aik's 4Ds Method is a uniquely designed method for aluminium innovation by the purpose of Chip Aik:

To create infinite possibilities with aluminium for a better living environment.

The Chip Aik Ideation Method

We innovate and create value for our customers and partners through our ideation co-creation methodology formulated from our 47 years of market know-how.

Initiating the process involves discussing your project specifications and ideas with us. We are prepared to provide guidance, and make recommendations at every stage of the design phase. This collaborative approach assists in transforming your concept into a completed aluminium extrusion

Our comprehensive services empower customers to entrust us with the seamless management of the entire production process, from extrusion to the delivery of their tailor-made aluminium profiles, ready for installation.

Chip Aik's custom extrusion ideation method considers these 4 dimensions:

What is the purpose and final usage of this product?

Are there any mating parts to consider, or other components which have to be attached to the aluminium profile?

We brainstorm on all possible options, considering design elements such as mating/clipping parts, usage, wall thickness, cost effectiveness and tolerances for your project's custom aluminium extrusions.

We assess the various options and shortlist the most practical solution within the project budget.

Once client has approved the chosen solution, we will proceed with a die cut sample and manage mass production of the extrusions, together with any secondary finishing and/or fabrication process to the delivery of goods.

This customisation method influences all aspects of our operations and enables us to continuously shape new possibilities with aluminium. It is also a guiding principle in our work with partners in the industry to succeed better together.

What can Chip Aik help you accomplish with custom aluminium extrusions?

Expect high quality extrusions tailored to your project’s requirements and needs. We take pride in being a reliable partner with a full suite of aluminium products and expertise in this area.

Our extensive proficiency in the design and production of customized, precision-engineered extruded aluminium profiles empowers us to cater to your unique product requirements.

Available aluminium alloys for your project with Chip Aik, other alloys can be requested:

When selecting the appropriate aluminium alloy for extrusion, factors such as corrosion resistance, material strength, surface treatment options, and suitability for end-use applications all need to be carefully considered.

6063 6061 5083 6082

When designing and procuring a product, it's crucial to choose a material that can consistently deliver the desired properties at production scale. Aluminium extrusion provides a diverse array of material characteristics by selecting the right alloy and temper.

FAQs for Custom Aluminium Extrusions

Chip Aik does collaborate with our clients to tailor products to their needs, and has worked with clients to customise aluminium extrusions. You could refer to this page for more information on our 4D customisation process.

For stock items, we keep aluminium extrusions in a standard length of 6.1 / 6.0 / 5.8M, depending on the profile. The purchase of one standard length is required and we can provide additional cutting services to cut into the lengths required. Please select the ‘Custom Cut’ option before you add the material into your shopping cart.

For indent items, we can supply you in the length you require. There will be a MOQ and lead time for indent orders. If you require such indent orders, select ‘Request for Quote’ option, and specify the length required upon selecting the item.

Once the die drawing is confirmed and approved, an average lead time of 4-5 weeks is required for the die cutting process and sample to be ready. A short die sample (~200-300mm) will be passed to our customers for checking. Upon approval of die sample, the extrusion process will take another 3-4 weeks. These lead times vary upon the complexity of the die and extrusion requirements. Our sales advisor will provide you with the estimated lead time upon assessment of the aluminium extrusion drawing.

To request a quote, you can access our product pages on our online portal and provide the necessary customisation or service(s) information during submission. If you are looking for particular items or comprehensive systems and customisation, you can navigate to the Contact Us page and provide all of the necessary details and you have the option to upload a file. Once we have prepared the quotation, our sales team will respond to you.

Get A Custom Aluminium Extrusion Quote

Talk to us about customising your aluminium extrusions and die profiles or send us your AutoCAD drawings for our further assessment.