Aluminium Equal Angle

  • Product Code:A4060-MF-61
  • Product Description:EQ ANGLE 101.60 x 6.0MM 6.1M MF
Standard Length
101.6 101.6 6 0.3 6100
Custom Cut Quantity
Custom Cut Length (mm)
Custom Cut
Custom Cut
Length (mm)
Price (SGD):
Product Specifications
Linear Weight
Standard Length
Alloy Temper Standard
3.206 0.406 6100 6063 T5 JISH4100

Equal angle, also known as angle iron, is a widely used structural component that offers numerous benefits and serves multiple purposes. It is commonly employed in construction projects and various industries due to its versatility and strength.

The primary use of equal angle is in structural applications where stability and load-bearing capacity are crucial. It is often utilized in building frames, supports, and bracing systems. The equal sides of the angle provide uniform load distribution, making it ideal for withstanding both vertical and horizontal forces. This enables engineers and architects to create robust structures capable of bearing heavy loads and resisting external pressures.

One of the key advantages of equal angle is its high strength-to-weight ratio. Made from materials like steel or aluminum, equal angle provides excellent strength while remaining relatively lightweight. This makes it a preferred choice in applications where weight reduction is important, such as aerospace or automotive industries. The lightweight nature of equal angle also simplifies handling, transportation, and installation processes, resulting in cost and time savings.

Another benefit of equal angle is its versatility in design and fabrication. It can be easily cut, drilled, welded, and formed to meet specific requirements. This flexibility allows for the creation of custom shapes and sizes, enabling designers to adapt the angle to various structural configurations.

In addition to its structural advantages, equal angle also offers aesthetic benefits. Its clean and angular lines can enhance the visual appeal of architectural designs. It is commonly used for decorative purposes, such as in furniture, handrails, and ornamental structures. The availability of different finishes, such as galvanized, painted, or powder-coated, further expands the design possibilities and ensures corrosion resistance in outdoor or corrosive environments.

In summary, equal angle is a versatile and valuable component in various industries and construction projects. Its strength, lightweight nature, design flexibility, and aesthetic appeal make it an ideal choice for structural applications. The ability to withstand heavy loads, along with its easy fabrication and installation, contributes to cost and time savings. Equal angle is an indispensable building material with numerous benefits for supporting structures, machinery frames, decorative elements, and more.

Delivery and Packing Information

Pickup: Free pick up during business hours only at our warehouse 11 Kian Teck Way, Singapore 628736.

Packaging: Standard packaging applies with plastic shrink wrap at both ends. If require special packaging please note down in comments and our sales advisor will quote you accordingly.

Delivery: Complimentary delivery to factory within Singapore, with minimum purchase of $300 for extrusions ( with forklift available to unload goods).

Delivery charges will apply for delivery to job sites / residential houses / commercial buildings / CBD area.

Additional delivery charges may be incurred should deliveries be chosen to occur outside of our normal operating house and/or require additional manpower for unloading of goods.

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