Diverse and customisable

Casement windows on an apartment building

Modern aluminium fa├žade on buildings

Aluminium profiles for windows and doors

Casement Group 3C

Sliding Window & Door SD80 (for laminated glass),

Sliding windows with top hung and fixed panel

A host of characteristics such as high extrudability, high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and lightness in weight makes aluminium the material of choice for many construction elements used in houses and other buildings. These include window and door frames, (including casement, sliding, swing, fold and slide), skylights, curtain walls, louvres, aerofoils and other glazed structures.

We also have significant experience supporting construction projects with customised extrusions, from cutting new dies, to the supply of mock-up samples and actual delivery of aluminium extrusions in your required length and finishing, which you can find out more here.

You can also count on our team to ensure the timely delivery of the supplies to meet your project timeline.

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Casement Window Group 1 to 4

Casement Group 6

Casement Group 5

Sliding Window & Door

Sliding Window & Door SD80 (for laminated glass)

Sliding With Casement

Swing Door

Folding & Sliding Door

Aluminium Louvres

Sunscreen / Louvre Blades

Trellis / Hollow with Screw Holes

Skylight Sections

Curtain Wall