Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes

Varied sizes and thickness of Rectangular Hollow Section

Aluminium extrusion in Natural Anodised Finishing

Aluminium extrusion in different types of anodising finishes. (From left - Black Anodised, Medium Bronze Anodised, Light Bronze Anodised.)

We have the most complete range of standard geometric shapes, such as angles, U-channels, flat bars, hollow sections, round rods and T-sections, in different size and thickness.

The extrusions that are readily available in our stock are mainly aluminium alloy 6063-T5 in Mill Finish or Natural Anodised. This alloy is known to have high extrudability and resistance to atmospheric corrosion, and responds well to polishing, chemical brightening, anodising and dyeing. This makes it highly versatile and applicable across many other industries. However, if you require other alloys, finishing and/or tempers, we are always more than happy to indent them for you; just let us know.

Download a copy of our catalogue for the sizes available. If you can’t find the right shape and size, contact us and we can work with you to customise one according to your requirements.

Click on the links below to download our catalogues of the products we have in stock

Equal Angle

Unequal Angle

Square Hollow

Rectangular Hollow

Equal U-Channel

Unequal U-Channel