Complementing architectural profiles

ISEO Lockset with flat knob cylinder

Diverse hardware and accessories to complete window/door fabrication

Multipoint Lock

Avon Handles (Locking or Non-Locking)

GIESSE Handles

ISEO Locksets & Cylinders

Interlock Hardware for Folding Sliding Door System

Stainless Steel Stays


Curtain Track Accessories



We have done the legwork for you. We keep stock of diverse hardware and accessories, so you do not have to look further for what you need to complement and complete your architectural profiles. Contact us with your requirements for the following items:

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Multi-point lock

Avon handles

Giesse handles and locks

ISEO lockset

  • Door Handles
  • Locks

Curtain track

Stainless steel stay

  • Stainless steel restrictor
  • Door closer
  • Floor hinge
  • Louvre clip
  • Miscellaneous