Aluminium extrusion in different types of anodising finishes. (From left - Black Anodised, Medium Bronze Anodised, light Bronze Anodised.)

Aluminium extrusion in Natural Anodised Finishing


Most common type of anodizing available include Natural Anodising, Light, Medium, Dark Bronze Anodising and Black Anodising.

Natural Anodising

Anodising is an applied finish by an electro-chemical process that thickens the natural oxide film on the aluminium and imparts to the metal surface the extreme hardness, corrosion and wear resistance of the oxide.

Coloured Anodising – Bronze, Black

For coloured anodizing finishes, aluminium extrusion is treated in durable inorganic colours to yield a finish which is permanent, lightfast, abrasion and corrosion resistant and unchanging in colour intensity.

In the colouring process, inorganic metal particles are deposited electrolytically in the pores of a clear anodic film. Electrolytic deposition results in colour particles being fixed at the very base of the pores, allowing virtually the full thickness of the anodic film to protect them.

The thickness of the aluminium oxide coating (5, 10, 15, 20, 25microns) can be varied by the anodizing process time.

However, it must be noted that there will be tone variation for each anodizing batch as it is an electro-chemical process and colour intensity is not as consistent as coating process.

Special coloured anodizing are also available in sheet form to add a decorative element to building interiors and exteriors.